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Banff/Glacier 2008

Time for another camping trip! This time we headed north for Canada and then east to Alberta where we camped near Banff National Park. Aside from a short morning sprinkle, the weather held out, and we were treated to some of the most magnificent views on earth. The town of Banff is a treasure with stunning vistas all around. Check out our pictures by clicking the links on the left margin.

After a couple days, we headed south for Glacier National Park. A neighboring camper clued us in to Hwy 40, just east of Banff. We took that on the way down and were mesmorized by the beautiful scenery. Eventually, we stopped at Fort MacLeod and visited Smashed-in-Head Buffalo Jump, a famous site where Native Americans had used the high cliffs to send buffalo plummeting to their deaths. It was amazing to see how completely the Native Americans used the buffalo meat, bones, and hide to survive.

Eventually, we passed through the town of Waterton, the Canadian side of Glacier Park. It was another spectacular series of lakes, mountains, and waterfalls. Then on to Glacier Nat'l Park where we set up camp for a few more days. The weather warmed, and we went on several hikes to see an abundance of wildlife and the magnificent carvings of the glaciers over eons of time. I now see why Glacier is routinely voted the most beautiful of our national parks.


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